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Now more than ever, AAUW (American Association of University Women) needs strength in numbers. With approximately 170,000 members and supporters, 1,000 branches, and almost 800 college and university partner members, AAUW uses its powerful voice on critical issues affecting women and girls.

Join in the commitment to speak out on STEM education, funding for public education, global issues such as human trafficking, salary negotiation, advocacy for Title IX, civil rights, and women's health.

Membership in the State College Branch means you belong to a group of approximately 155 active community women.

Who Can Join?

If you hold an associate or equivalent (RN), baccalaureate, or higher degree from a regionally accredited college or university, you are eligible to join AAUW. Graduate students may join for the reduced rate of $22.81 for their first year of membership. If you are an undergraduate in a two-or four-year regionally accredited educational institution, you can join as a student affiliate. An E-student affiliate (ESAF) attends an AAUW partner institution; a student affiliate (SAF) does not.

Member Benefits

State College Branch membership also includes membership in the national AAUW organization and AAUW Pennsylvania.

Members receive AAUW’s award-winning magazine AAUW Outlook, which highlights issues and individuals affecting women and girls today, and Action Network briefs that alert you to congressional actions on issues that can change your life. Members also receive Keystoner from AAUW Pennsylvania, the Branch annual Handbook and Directory, and Branching Out, the branch newsletter that details upcoming programs as well as issues concerning the membership.

As a benefit of your AAUW membership, you can give recent college graduates a free, one-year AAUW membership within two years of graduation—at no cost to you or them. Please go to this link for more details and to complete the needed forms:

Members also are eligible for discounts for AAUW books and merchandise; credit cards; magazine subscriptions; quality health and life insurance plans; auto insurance; books, and more.


Yearly dues 
Yearly dues (July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018) are $67, divided as follows: $49 to AAUW, $10 to AAUW-Pennsylvania and $8 to the State College Branch. New graduate student members currently pay $22.81 total for all three levels of membership. Special rates apply to different groups during discount periods, such as half price dues for persons joining after January 1 through June 30.

Life membership
Life membership in national AAUW is $980. In addition, life members continue to pay AAUW-PA and State College Branch dues of $18 annually. A member who has paid national AAUW dues for 50 years is considered a 50-year Honorary Life Member and exempt from the payment of dues.

Payment of Dues

Please fill out the membership form and send with your check to:

AAUW State College Branch
P.O. Box 735
State College, PA 16804

Checks should be made out to "AAUW State College Branch."

Membership Co-Vice-Presidents (2017-2018)

Candace Davison and Wendy Vinhage

Tax Information: AAUW national membership dues are $49.00. Of that amount, $46.00 is tax deductible as a charitable contribution, and $3.00 is not deductible (Check for details).