The following books will be available for sale in the Special Collections room at the Book Sale.

Adams, Ansel The Amercan Wilderness Bulfinch Press 1990 20
Aldrich, Lewis Cass History of Clearfield County, PA D. Mason & Co. 1887 30
Andrews, Matthew Page The Soul of a Nation Scribner's 1944 20
Bayard,Samuel P. Dance to the Fiddle, March to the Fife Penn State Press 1982 35
Becher, Bernd, Hilla Pennsylvania Coal Mine Tipples Dia Center for the Arts 1991 35
Borgstrom, R. Sean Nobilis Pharos Press 2002 35
Carson, Rachel Silent Spring Riverside Press 1962 45
DeCell, H.; Prichard, J. Yazoo Delta Press 1976 60
di Capoa, Marco Dali Random House 1994 29
Francois, Henry The Book of Kells Thames & Husdson 1976 30
Frost, Robert Collected Poems Henry Holt 1910 70
Heinlein, Robert Pod Kayne of Mars Putnams 1963 35
Howard, George W. The Monumental City J.D. Ehlers & Co. 1873 50
King, Stephen Salem's Lot Doubleday 1975 50
Lester, Julius John Henry Dial 1994 25
Miller, Judith Furniture Price Guide Company Ltd. 2005 20
O'Toole, Judith Hansen Severin Roesen Bucknell University Press 1992 45
Pavord, Anna The Tulip Bloomsbury 1999 23
Quackenbush, Robt. Lost in the Amazon Pippin Press 1990 20
Schatz, H.; Ornstein, B. H2O Bulfinch Press 2007 35
Schatz, Howard Passion and Line Graphis Press 1997 20
Shakespeare The First Folio, The Morton Facsimile Norton 1998 40
Sternfeld, Joel American Prospects Times Books 1987 50
Sweeney, Robert Casa del Herrero Rizzoli 2009 35
Taber, T.; Casler, W. Climax - an unusual steam locomotive Railroadians of America 1960 50
Taft, Philip A.F. of L. from the Death of Gompers to the Merger Harpers 1959 100
Taft, Philip A.F. of L. in the Time of Gompers Harpers 1957 100
Tolkien, J.R.R. 50th Anniversay Lord of the Rings Houghton Mifflin boxed set 2004 20
Tolkien, J.R.R. Return of the King, Two Towers, Fellowship of Ring Houghton Mifflin boxed set 2002 40
Keeper's Travels in Search of His Master T.H. Carter & Co. 1844 45
Venus and Adonis The Arion Press 1975 80