The Used Book Workshop, located at 176 Technology Dr., Boalsburg, will re-open Saturday, June 17 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for a special book donation day. From June 19 until Labor Day, the Workshop will be open on Monday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m. and on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon. You are invited to bring your book donation during workshop hours, simply press the white doorbell located adjacent to the loading dock to bring them inside.

View location for donations


  • Items which are unhealthy to handle or dirty, moldy, smelly, burnt, chewed or wet.
  • Encyclopedias
  • Dictionaries
  • Vinyl phonograph records, Audio and Video tapes
  • National Geographic magazines
  • AAA Travel Guides
  • Catalogs
  • Readers Digest Condensed Books
  • VHS tapes

We have found through years of experience that these items do not sell well and are expensive to dispose of.         

We accept donations in the following categories:

  • Arts: Art, music, opera, movies, television, as well as biographies of people in these fields
  • Biography
  • Business and Economics
  • Children
  • Collectors: Books published before 1960 (These are on tables on the floor of the Ag Arena)
  • $10-19.50 Tables: At front end of Cashiers row next to the Food Service window
  • Communication: Books about newspapers or magazines, collections of essays, English grammar books, Style books (Strunk & White, AP Stylebook, etc.), “How-to” writing guides; books on journalists, muckrakers and TV news commentators.
  • Cook Books
  • DVDs, CDs as well as Books on Tape  
  • Education
  • Fiction: Historical fiction, hardback romance, contemporary fiction
  • Foreign Language: Books in languages other than English
  • Health and Self-Help: Diet, exercise, child-raising, self-fulfillment, relationships
  • History
  • Hobbies
  • Humor and Pop Culture: Includes joke books, books about space aliens, the occult, astrology, comic books, graphic novels, books on astrology, the paranormal. We had a large donation of books on psychic phenomena and paranormal topics. Check religion and philosophy tables too.
  • Life Science: Books on anatomy, biology, botany; field guides to birds, mammals, etc.; “All Creatures Great and Small” series; agriculture yearbooks; forestry; veterinary books
  • Literature: Classics, poetry, plays, myths, Cliff Notes, summaries of great works, books on theory of criticism/criticism.
  • Mathematics
  • Mystery (hard cover)
  • Paperbacks, fiction. Nonfiction paperbacks are on tables in appropriate category.l
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science: – Law books, political parties, elections, communist theory, war
  • Religion: Includes,Children's religious books, Bible stories, hymnals as well as novels published by Christian publishing companies
  • (Physical) Science and Engineering: Books about astronomy, geology, computers, chemistry, physics, hydrology, electronics, physical geography, texts on cartography
  • Puzzles
  • Science Fiction: speculative fiction, alternative history, some horror, paranormal romance, vampires
  • Sheet Music: Also hardback books of music
  • Social Science: Includes anthropology, psychology, archaeology, sociology, feminism, true crime, sexual orientation
  • Special Collectors Room: Books priced $20 or more are in room behind the Information Table in the lobby.
  • Sports: Books on hunting, fishing, guns, extreme sports; equestrian books; Joe Paterno
  • Travel

For more information, contact Suzanne Kerlin or Sherry Crassweller.