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At the February 17, 2019 program, branch members Jen Karch was the program lead, and Carolyn Donaldson moderated the program.

Our February 17th Story Circles program brought people together through networking and personal stories. Pictured: Stacey Budd, Christine Bishop, Jennifer Mallett, Billie Willits, and Naana Nti.

Charlene Harrison (center) moderated the Lunch with the Humphrey Fellows program on February 1, 2019. She is joined by panelists Susan Heidarishad (left) and Anjusha Durbarry (right).


January Humphrey Fellows lunch attendees

January Women's March participants

March Women in Business program welcome

May-Award & Scholarhsip Banquet - Awards Chair and Branch Recipient

May Award & Scholarship Banquet Scholarship Recipients

May Book Sale Move in Night

May Book Sale Shoppers


November 2017 Science Pub attendees

October Deeper in Debt moderator and panelists

October Education Forum

October Wine Social

September Follow the Money panelists



Speaker Angela Niazmand from Afghanistan with program moderator Charlene Harrison.


Branch Historian, Louise Tukey, blows out the candles on the cake celebrating our 100th year as a branch.


Panelists Anya Wallace, Nawal Qureshi, Linda Higginson, Gabeba Baderoon with moderator Alicia Decker.


Presenter Dr. Billie Willits with Pat Kephart and another role player who's negotiating her worth.


Branch member Jennifer Karch promoting the branch centennial with Commission Co-Chair Elect Tatiana Zwerling.


Member Kate Walker sorts books at the Ag Arena on Move-in Night.

Members Talat Azhar and Sue Werner exchange notes at the book sale.


Congratulations to the three local women receiving AAUW State College Branch scholarships for returning adult women students: Courtney McChesney, Hyejin Sung, Audrey Tallon.

New Branch Donation Center


The address of the AAUW State College Used Donation Center is 176 Technology Drive, located in the Boalsburg Technology Park.


Coming from State College on Atherton Street, turn right on Discovery Drive, then left on Technology Drive. The Donation Center is housed in the brown brick building on your immediate right.


If possible, please bring book donations right to the door during workshop hours, and ring the doorbell. The workshop is staffed on Monday nights 6:00-8:00 p.m., and Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 9:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.


The bins at the driveway entrance are available for donations during times the workshop is not open. Be sure to read the signage, which explains what kind of books can and cannot be accepted.


These 50 boxes represent a typical number of donations for a four-day period.


--Every week, 12 large recycling barrels are filled with unsaleable books.

BOOK DROP-OFF DAY - July 30, 2016

--Nancy Eberly and Connie Wheeler load book donations from cars onto the loading dock.

New Donation Center Interior Shots

250 boxes of donations in hall after 2 weeks

history pricing area

Ladies Home Journal - 1938

sorting area

unsorted donations area

workshop overall

2012 Photos

Book Sale Overview

Book Sale

4400 BOXES of books were brought to this year’s sale. The sight of the Ag Arena on the eve of the book sale was spectacular, and represented thousands of hours of volunteer labor over the past year.

Book Sale in Full Swing

Used Book Sale

8,000 shoppers attended this year’s sale.

Volunteering at the Used Book Sale

Stacie Chandler (left) and Connie Wheele

Branch members Stacie Chandler (left) and Connie Wheeler know that part of working at the book sale is having fun.

Children’s Section at the Book Sale

Emerson Rand

Shopper Emerson Rand, age 4, relishes the moment of discovery.

Post-Sale Wrap-up Luncheon

Post-Sale Wrap-up Luncheon

Members Suzanne Kerlin (left), Nancy Weinreb and Sue Werner, take a well-deserved rest at the post-book sale luncheon, enjoying the memories of a wonderful sale.

2012 Book Sale Co-chairs

Suzanne Kerlin (left) and Sherry Crassweller

Suzanne Kerlin (left) and Sherry Crassweller retired from their positions as book sale co-chairs, after many years at the helm. They will be missed!

Book Box Balancing

Nancy DeWalle

Member Nancy DeWalle strikes a balance make “box Towers” that will hold books for the 2013 sale.

Signing the Community Covenant

Candace Davison

Branch Co-president Candace Davison joined with other community groups in April to sign the “Community Covenant,” committing publicly to the ideals of a just and responsible community.

2012 Branch Award Recipients

2012 Branch Award Recipients

Left to right, Joanne Bennett (Teal Award), Candace Davison (Outstanding Woman) and Pet Kephart (CCCHS Volunteer of the Year) enjoy their moment in the limelight, recognition for their commitment and dedication to the State College AAUW Branch.

Penn State Engineering Ambassadors

Penn State Engineering Ambassadors

The Penn State Engineering Ambassadors, along with their advisor Melissa Marshall (in white) received the 2012 Gateway to Equity for their efforts in fostering an interest in the STEM fields among middle school girls.

2012 Scholarship Recipients

2012 Scholarship Recipients

Forty branch members and guests attended our May 24th branch scholarship banquet, held at Toftrees. Pictured left to right: Charlene Harrison, branch co-president; recipients Annalisa Barron, Amie Lyons and Tina Barronio; branch co-president Candace Davison. Our fourth scholarship recipient, Jessica Pavliska, was unable to attend. Congratulations, all!

Girls and Science

Challenging Science Investigations (CSI) Summer Showcase

Challenging Science Investigations (CSI) Summer Showcase

The State College Girls and Science program, Challenging Science Investigations (CSI) conducted a summer session where the Rube Goldberg project was especially popular.

Girls Love Science (GaLS) a Hit

Bellefonte Girls and Science Program GaLS

Our Bellefonte Girls and Science Program, GaLS, had a wonderful turnout for the February sessions.

STEM Program at Discovery Space

Billie Willits (left), Mary Dupuis and Kristin Dreyer

Members Billie Willits (left), Mary Dupuis and Kristin Dreyer enjoyed the reception at Discovery Space, held prior to our What’s New with Why So Few? program.

STEM Program Audience

What’s New with Why So Few?  Program

We had a really good turn-out for our April program, What’s New with Why So Few? at Schlow Centre Region Library. The keynote speaker was Dr. Karen Thole, Head of Penn State’s Department of Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering.


Peg Pennepacker

At our branch program held September 10th, member Peg Pennepacker presented a program on Title IX at 40:  More Important Than Ever.  Peg is the Athletic Director for State College Area School District, and the Title IX consult for the Pennsylvania Athletic Director’s Athletic Association.  We had a wonderful turn-out, and the program was really interesting.  We finished up the evening with a slice of Title IX cake (pictured), to celebrate the forty years since the law passed in 1972.

Older Photos

2011 Scholarship RecipientsPictured above are three of our four 2011-2012 scholarship recipients, left to right: Alison Franklin, Rae Ellen Devier, and Grace Hakizimana. A fourth recipient, Joan Ribbons, is not pictured. Alison is studying toxicology, Rae Ellen is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree with a neuroscience option, and Grace is a Human Development and Family Studies major. Joan Ribbons, the fourth scholarship recipient, is working on her nursing degree. Gateway 2011The 2011 AAUW State College Branch Gateway to Equity Award was presented at the AAUW State College Branch meeting on April 14 to the State College Area School District Community Education program. Pictured, left to right, Row 1: Talat Azhar, AAUW State College Branch Co-President; Dave Klindienst, SCASD STEM Coordinator; Donna Ricketts, Director, SCASD Community Education; Mary Dupuis, AAUW CSI Coordinator; Christina Kohl, Biology Teacher; Pam Francis, SCASD Director of Education. Row 2: Candace Davison, AAUW State College Branch Co-President; Wendy Watts, Physics Teacher; Beth Keim, Chemistry Teacher; Naana Nti, incoming AAUW Program Vice-President. CSICSI Program Coordinators from AAUW, Mary Dupuis (left) and from SCASD, Donna Ricketts, have partnered for six years on the CSI program.
2011 OfficersNewly elected incoming 2011 AAUW State College Branch officers Charlene Harrison (left), Branch Co-President and Naana Nti (center), Program Vice-President, join Candace Davison (right), continuing Branch Co-President. Gala85 members and friends of the AAUW State College Branch attended the event, including eleven past and present book sale chairs and co-chairs, pictured here. Front Row: Nancy DeWalle (2004-20007), Marjorie Dunaway (1964), Louise Tukey (1980, 1997-2001), Trudy Levine (1976) and Susan Brandse (1984). Back row: Martha Hummel (1999-2000), Nancy Strother (1982-1983), Jody Bland (1962-1965), Nellie Boyle (1989-1991, 1993-1996, 2002-2003), Sherry Crassweller (2008—present), and Suzanne Kerlin (2002—present). GalaOur anniversary gala provided a wonderful opportunity to bring together members and friends whom we had not seen for some time. Pictured left to right: Carol Hodes, Nancy Chiswick, Trudy Levine, and Talat Azhar.
GalaCandace Davison and Alex Broyles have their hands full with the party. Rube GoldbergCSI program (Challenging Science Investigations) summer, 2010: Middle school girls program enjoyed tackling a Rube Goldberg project. CSICSI, summer, 2010: Crime scene blood and powder analysis.
Roller coasterCSI, summer, 2010: Who knew how much fun it was to build a roller coaster? Nancy DeWalleProgram chair Nancy DeWalle (left), program organizer for Banned Books 101, enjoys the program along with Alex Broyles, Program Vice President. Steve HerbSteve Herb, Director of Pennsylvania Center for the Book, led a wonderful and eye opening program on “banned books” for our branch at our September 11 program at East West Crossing.
Gateway EquityEach spring, our branch presents the Gateway to Equity Award, an AAUW Pennsylvania award given to groups whose actions and philosophy promotes equity for women and girls, lifelong education and positive societal change. The 2010 recipient was the Community Diversity Group.  Pictured here, left to right:  Cindy Campbell (CDG), Christina Johnson (CDG), Candace Davison (AAUW Branch Co-Chair), Carol Eicher (CDG Chair) and Pat Kephart (Chair, AAUW/CDG Partnership). Book Sale The annual Used Book Sale runs for four days each May at the Snider Ag Arena on Penn State campus raises funds for AAUW fellowships and community grants. CSIWe have two programs for middle school girls that promote their interest in science, CSI (Challenging Science Investigations) in State College, and GaLS (Girls Love Science) in Bellefonte. Pictured here are girls doing a Rube Goldberg engineering and construction project.
CSIWe have two programs for middle school girls that promote their interest in science, CSI (Challenging Science Investigations) in State College, and GaLS (Girls Love Science) in Bellefonte. Pictured here are girls doing a powder analysis at the crime scene. CSIWe have two programs for middle school girls that promote their interest in science, CSI (Challenging Science Investigations) in State College, and GaLS (Girls Love Science) in Bellefonte. Pictured here are girls doing a blood analysis at the crime scene.  Sherry and Suzanne Our Used Book Sale Co-Chairs, Sherry Crassweller and Suzanne Kerlin, are glad to relax after a very successful 2009 book sale.
Festival of Trees
Each December, our branch participates in the Festival of Trees at the Snider Ag Arena on the Penn State campus. Our tree is decorated with ornaments that reflect our programs and mission. Pictured left to right, branch members Charlene Harrison and Chriss Schultz.
CSI We have two programs for middle school girls to promote their interest in science, CSI (Challenging Science Investigations) in State College, and GaLS (Girls Love Science) in Bellefonte. Gateway Award Each spring, our branch presents the Gateway to Equity Award, an AAUW Pennsylvania award given to groups whose actions and philosophy promotes equity for women and girls, lifelong education and positive societal change. The 2009 recipient was the Center for Alternatives in Community Justice, pictured here with then Branch Co-Presidents, second from left, and Talat Azhar, far right.